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Dr. Dulin featured in Texas A&M Foundation Magazine!

In this article, Dr. Dulin talks about the research her and her team are currently doing. She discusses the main goal of her work, and sees a hopeful future in using Neuroscience to find treatments for spinal cord injury.

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Congratulations Valerie and Her Team!

Valerie published her work titled "Dorsal horn neuronal sparing predicts the development of at-level mechanical allodynia following cervical spinal cord injury in mice" in the Journal of Experimental Neurology
Congratulations to Valerie and her team of undergraduates who are co-authors on this paper: Katelyn Knox, Sherilynne Moore, Nolan Roberts and lab alumni Karla Kassandra Corona! This paper analyzed anatomical lesion correlates to the development of mechanical sensitivity after SCI. Use the link below to access the paper:

Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 09.39_edited.jpg

Congratulations Valerie!

Congratulations Valerie Dietz for being selected as the 2022 recipient of the Arianpour Award. This award honors overall excellence in research by a Biology Graduate Student!


“Jennifer Dulin received the 2022 Betty M. Unterberger Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Education”

Congratulations to our lab P.I., Dr. Dulin, who received the 2022 Betty M. Unterberger Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Education. This award was created in 2004 to recognize outstanding service to honors education. Thank you Dr. Dulin for everything you have done for this lab as a P.I. and mentor. Follow the science and find out more about Dr. Dulin’s achievement.


Michael Pitonak ’22 and Sunjay Letchuman ’22 both received the Brown-Rudder Award

Congratulations to our former lab members  Michael Pitonak ’22 and Sunjay Letchuman ’22 for receiving the Brown-Rudder Award. This award was created in 1970 and is among one of the most prestigious awards for a graduating senior to receive. Follow the science and find out more about this award!


Dr. Dulin awarded the Jerry Johnston Andrew Award for Spinal Cord Injury Research

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Dulin for being honored with the prestigious Jerry Johnston Andrew Award! This $10,000 award was presented to her by The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR) for her outstanding, high quality research and impact she has made in the field. We are so proud to have Dr. Dulin as our mentor! To read more, click the button below.


Congratulations to Aleena and Joseph Who Won 1st Place during TAMU Student Research Week!

Under the Undergraduate - Poster category, Aleena competed in the Medicine session, and Joseph competed in the Molecular Biology session. Great work guys!

If you would like to view the SRW 2021 Final Results for both oral and poster presentations, please visit their page here.

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Congratulations to FOUR of Our Lab Members Who Have Won a Prize at the SfN Symposium!

Joseph Chen- 1st Place Undergraduate Poster

Michael Pitonak- 1st Place Undergraduate Oral Presentation

Sunjay Letchuman- 2nd Place Undergraduate Oral Presentation

Ashley Tucker- 1st Place Graduate Oral Presentation

We are so proud of you guys. Keep up the amazing work!

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Ashley Tucker was awarded a prestigious Wings for Life Grant!

Congratulations to Ashley Tucker who has received a grant from the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation.

The purpose of the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation grant is to promote basic and clinical research related to spinal cord injury (SCI) with the perspective to improve outcomes after injury. This award will facilitate Ashley's doctoral work in mapping integration of transplanted neurons within locomotor circuitry following SCI.

For more information on the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation and grant, please visit the WFL home page.

Congrats again to Ashley and all other Wings for Life awardees!

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The Dulin Lab was featured in Texas A&M Science's latest episode of Labors of Lab!

In Episode 37 of Labors of Lab, Sunjay and Michael shared their roles in the Dulin Lab. Click the link below to watch the full video!


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Dr. Dulin was featured in Texas A&M's College of Science Newsletter!

During this interview, Dr. Dulin shared some of her personal stories and gave insight on who she is and why she chose the profession that she did. Click on the link below to read the full article!


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Valerie Dietz brought home 3rd place at the 11th Annual TAMIN Symposium!

Valerie, graduate student in Biology, won the 3rd place poster award for her work at the Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience Symposium this week! Way to go Val!

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Kass Corona won 2nd place at TAMU Student Research Week!

Kass presented her poster, "Variability in anatomical and behavioral outcomes following cervical hemicontusion SCI in mice," at the 22nd Annual Texas A&M Student Research Week. She got perfect scores from both judges and won 2nd place in the College of Science! Great job Kass!

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Trey Adkins wows his audience at the 2019 LAUNCH Symposium!

Trey presented his research poster, "Silencing nociceptors using DREADDs to improve functional outcomes after spinal cord injury," at the 2019 LAUNCH Undergraduate Research Scholars Symposium. Fantastic work Trey!

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Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Dulin

Dr. Jennifer Dulin was recently featured on the Department of Biology at Texas A&M University's Faculty Spotlight page. To read more about how she started in the field of neuroscience and spinal cord injury. Please click on the link below. 




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